Ash Wednesday Service

March 6, 2019 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
First Presbyterian Church Ionia
125 Main St.

A Word From Worship About Lent

The liturgical season of Lent begins with the solemn observance of Ash Wednesday and continues for six weeks, culminating with the church’s joyous celebration of Easter. Also, during the period of Holy Week, which begins with Passion/Palm Sunday, churches around the world have special worship services on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and on Saturday–the Great Vigil of Easter. The word Lent is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word for springtime, which is a literal translation of the lengthening of the days. Lent is a time for preparation, reflection, growth, and change. The forty-day period of Lent was established in the middle of the fourth century. Sundays are not included in the count, since Sundays are considered “little Easters,” all of which celebrate the resurrection. Ash Wednesday is the official beginning of the Lenten season. It is a day of prayer and public confession of sins. In some churches the sign of the cross is made with ashes on the foreheads of believers. The liturgical color for Lent is purple, a solemn color, a color for royalty and repentance.

Ash Wednesday Service

This year we will have an Ash Wednesday Service including the imposition of ashes. This service will begin at 5:30 followed by a light soup supper in the social hall.

In addition, we will be offering members of the community an opportunity to drive by the front of the church and receive ‘ashes on the go’ in their car. If you are unable to attend the Ash Wednesday Service, you are invited to receive ashes in this manner from 4:30-5:15.

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