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Ionia Community VBS

Ionia Community VBS planning committee needs help. I can no longer continue to represent the First Presbyterian church on my own. I need help from some of you so our church can continue to service the chil- dren in this community through the VBS program.

The committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm. Our meeting location is at the First United Methodist church. Our next scheduled meetings are May 14th, June 11th and July 9th. We need help finding volunteers to fill some of our leadership vacancies.

I am working more hours now and my children are getting more in- volved in activities after school. I am also on a school board that de- mands a lot of my attention and involvement. I don’t feel like I am able to give this program enough of my time and commitment. Please pray for me and the VBS committee that faithfully reach out to the children of this community so they may follow the path of God.

If you know anyone that is not a member of our church that you feel would like to be more involved in this program, feel free to give them my number and I will pass along their name and number to the committee.

Thank you,

Ami Cox



5/19:30 A.M. Quilters meet
4:00 P.M. Children’s Choir practice 5/2 10:30 A.M. Retirees travelogue
2-4 P.M. Prayer Shawl group 5/5 8:30 A.M. Handbell Choir practice
10:00 A.M. Worship – Guest Speaker Dr. Chris Dorn, Communion, Missions offering, Sunday School Spring Into Reading book collection
11:00 A.M. Fellowship & Refreshments
4:00 P.M. Concert at Trinity Lutheran Church of Grand Rapids by Lakewood Choral Society 5/8 9:30 A.M. Quilters meet
4:00 P.M. Children’s Choir practice

5/9 2-4 P.M. Prayer Shawl Group

5/12 Mother’s Day
8:30 A.M. Handbell Choir practice
10:00 A.M. Worship – Guest Speaker Dr. Chris Dorn, Sunday School Spring Into Reading book collection
11:00 A.M. Fellowship & Refreshments 5/15 9:30 A.M. Quilters
4:00 P.M. Children’s Choir practice

5/16 2-4 P.M. Prayer Shawl Group

5/19 8:30 A.M. Handbell Choir practice
10:00 A.M. Worship – Guest Speaker Dr. Chris Dorn, Sunday School
11:00 A.M. Fellowship & Refreshments

5/20 7:00 P.M. Session meets

5/22 9:30 A.M. Quilters
4:00 P.M. Children’s Choir

5/23 2-4 P.M. Prayer Shawl Group

5/26 8:30 A.M. Handbell Choir practice
10:00 A.M. Worship – Guest Speaker Dr. Chris Dorn, Sunday School
11:00 A.M. Fellowship & Refreshments

5/27 Memorial Day – Office Closed

5/29 9:30 A.M. Quilters
4:00 P.M. Children’s Choir

5/30 2-4 P.M. Prayer Shawl Group


3 Ami Cox
6 Jeremiah Helsius
9 James Bosley
16 Marsha Kohloff
18 Evelyn Ransom
19 Kathy VanSyckle
21 David Kohloff
21 Rebecca Speer
23 Beryl Bishop
23 Jim McKay
24 Wade Arnold
24 Marilyn McKay
25 Marcia Brown
25 Robert S. Sykes, Jr.
27 Oscar Johnson
28 Laela Agostini

Soup Kitchen

May 16th @ 5:00 P.M.
Team #4

St. Johns Episcopal Church

Prayer Shawl Group News
Just a reminder that blankets are available for all ages. Recipient does not need to
be a church member. If you know of someone who could use a blanket, please
contact Mary Williams or Evelyn Ransom.
Prayer Shawl Group

Please note:  The “Presbyterians on the Go” will continue meeting the first Thursday of each month at 10:30 A.M. for a travelogue. Everyone is welcome to come, young or old.

May Worship Stewards

May 5 – Guest Speaker: Dr. Chris Dorn; Communion Preparation: Judi Emlinger, Evelyn Ransom; Communion Servers: David & Lavonna Hoover, Keith Sterner; Liturgist: Lee Hunsberger; Ushers/Greeters: Norma Kilpatrick, Evelyn ransom, Linda Steele

May 12 – Guest Speaker: Dr. Chris Dorn; Liturgist: Sue Reglin Children’s Message: Sue Thompson; Ushers/Greeters: Perry and Margaret Gregory, Linda Hood; Fellowship: Christian Ed

May 19 – Guest Speaker: Dr. Chris Dorn; Liturgist: Marilyn McKay Children’s Message: Kathy VanSyckle; Ushers/Greeters: Pat Gustafson, Lee Hunsberger, Barb Klenk; Fellowship: Pat Gustafson and Beryl Bishop

May 26 – Guest Speaker: Dr. Chris Dorn; Liturgist: Jim VanSyckle Children’s Message: Lee Hunsberger; Ushers/Greeters: Sue and Shelly Reglin, Bill Robinson


First Pesbyterian Church ionia Book_Drive


We will be collecting new or gently used books for the children in the Ionia Headstart program Sunday May 5th and May 12th. The books are given to these at-risk children to get them started on the path of becoming excellent readers. Having their own books promotes reading at home. Unable to shop for books, cash donations are accepted.


We loved the cute little stuffed animals you provided for our little patients this time! So huggable! I took some to the Surgery Department also—We get a few little ones there too! We are blessed to have your group providing these for our patients!

Thank you, Laurie Tjalsma Sparrow Ionia



Choral Concert

On Sunday, May 5, at 4:00 p.m. the Lakewood Area Choral Society will present a concert at Trinity Lutheran Church, 2700 Fulton Street East, in Grand Rapids. This is a con- cert of both sacred and secular music which includes classical pieces such as Beethoven’s Hallelujah, from the “mount of Olives”, Mozart’s Gloria in Excelsis, and Schubert’s The Om- nipotence. Other sacred pieces are How Great Thou Art and Softly and Tenderly. Secular selections include One World, by Mark Hayes and I Cannot Count the Stars by Eugene But- ler with text by Michigan poet Gwen Frostig.

This is an audience friendly concert of more than 80 singers, some of whom are Ionia residents. Pat (Trish) Klein and FPC members Lew and Carol Campbell are part of this ex- cellent choral group. You are cordially invited to attend this free concert!

Hope to see many of you there. Submitted by Carol Campbell




In an effort to inform the congregation of some of our monthly expenses, we are publishing in the newsletter our Consumer’s Energy monthly expenses. Due April 25, 2019, our March electric bill was $196.29 and our gas bill was $519.18 for a total of $715.47. Our electric and gas bill for February was $951.10. We also pay every month $25.65 for our outdoor light in the parking lot. Please remember that in order to conserve energy and decrease our en- ergy bill, the heat in the sanctuary is set at 60 degrees except for our worship service Sun- day morning and any special events in the sanctuary or the Memorial Room. Warren Thompson has the thermostat programmed; so, we are warm on Sunday morning. He also has the nursery room heat programmed for Sunday morning, which is the thermostat in the fellowship hall. When leaving the church, please make sure all the lights have been turned off. Thank you all for your cooperation.




Cow Pie Bike Race

On June 29th from 9AM-12Noon, the Cow Pie Classic Bike Race is taking place in Ionia. This is either a 38 mile race or a 17 mile race. Joe Cantwell, a professional trainer in Portland, has re- quested and been granted permission to use the church lawn as the staging area for his team. We are also opening the church that morning for his team to use our restrooms. The proceeds from the race go to Hope for Sobriety. If any of you are in the area the morning of June 29th, please welcome Joe’s team to our church lawn.




Ionia VBS Fundraiser

A fundraiser for Ionia Community VBS will be held on May 16, 2019 at MOO-ville in Ionia. Why? We get 10% of all sales that day, whether you buy ice cream, a t-shirt, or a gallon of milk. Anything helps our fundraiser! Lunch is served 11-2. MOO-ville hours: 10am-9pm.


What kind of man was Boaz before he met Ruth (Old Testament)
Answer: Ruthless!
What evidence is there in the Bible that Adam and Eve were noisy?
Answer: They raised Cain.
What do you get if you cross a praying mantis with a termite?
Answer: An insect that says grace as it eats your house. Newsletters, Calendar and more at
Email: or
Church Office Hours – Monday through Thursday
9:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.  Phone 527-2320


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